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IS YOGA RIGHT FOR ME? Yes!!!  Maintaining our mobility is what keeps our bodies healthy as we age.  As long as you do your best in each pose, you will get 100% of the benefits. – including increased flexibility. 

WHAT TEMPERATURE IS THE ROOM? We keep our room between 80-85 degrees! It is cozy, especially on cold winter nights. Warm enough to help you break a sweat but not too hot so you come out dripping wet.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT FOR MY FIRST CLASS? You will probably find your first couple classes to be the most challenging, most of us stay in routines and patterns so trying new things initially is very challenging. As you learn the postures, your body will adjust and it becomes much more natural. Your body will begin to adapt rapidly, after even just a few classes. Students feel very relaxed but also a sense of accomplishment after completing the class.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO CLASS? Wear lightweight, breathable attire (like shorts, leggings, active-wear) – no shoes or socks worn during class

WHAT SHOULD I BRING TO CLASS? Bring a mat and water bottle, for movement classes bring socks!


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